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Members of the Stockton Sportsmen's Club give their pledge to Conserve and Restore the Wildlife and Natural Resources of California.

Our club currently has more than 100 members.  Members range from business professionals, contractors, constructions workers, teachers, medical professionals, and farmers.

These sportsmen compete and win awards for their take of game. Some of the game taken includes: buffalo, deer, elk, antelope, sheep, wild turkey, and wild boar.  These sportsmen hunt in Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Idaho, etc. Our members also include many experienced bow hunters.

Our members also take many fishing trips, both deep sea and river.  Catch have included salmon, bass, striper, trout, shark, and halibut.

In order to become a member you must:

  1. Be a citizen in good standing without fish and game violations.
  2. Complete an Application for Membership.
  3. Attend 3 General Membership Meetings.
  4. Be approved by the application interview committee.
  5. Pay an initiation fee and annual dues.  Adult members pay $50 annual dues and a $100 initiation fee. Junior members under 18 years of age pay $25 annual dues and 5 hours of service.  ?/span>

Note: General Membership meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month (see meeting information) at 7:00pm at The Waterloo Gun & Bocci Club located on the corner of Ashley & Waterloo approximately 5 miles East of Highway 99 in Stockton, California.

(taken from club bylaws)


Section 1         Applicants must receive their applications for membership from a member in good standing.  Applicants must submit their applications to the Club to be reviewed by the Membership Committee Chairman at a general membership meeting.  In the absence of the Membership Committee Chairman, applications shall

be submitted to the Secretary.  No action shall be taken on the application until the applicant has been to three general membership meetings, paid the annual dues and initiation fees, and have been interviewed and recommended by the Membership Review Committee.  New members may be sworn in at the third meeting they attend.   

Section 2         Membership shall be granted only upon a three-fourths (3/4) majority voting membership present when applicant is presented for acceptance.  If a three-fourths (3/4) majority approval is not reached by the general membership, the Chairman of the Membership Review Committee shall notify the recommending member of the decision.  Applicants may appeal the decision to the Board in writing within thirty (30) days of notification of non-acceptance by recommending member.  Should the Board of Directors elect, the applicant may be presented to the general membership.  Dues and initiation fees shall be refunded if applicantís membership is not accepted. 

Section 3         Initiation fees and annual dues shall be reviewed annually and recommended by the Board and approved by the membership.   

Section 4         Membership Evaluation Committee:  The purpose of this committee is to evaluate the status of each member.  The Evaluation Committee shall consist of a Chairman and four (4) active members and shall meet as needed to evaluate membership status.  Recommendations of this committee shall be made to the Board of Directors. 

                        Evaluations of memberships shall run from December 1 to November 30 of the prior year.                         

                        Any action of the Evaluation Committee regarding curtailment of a memberís hunting privileges or active membership status may be appealed to the Board of Directors of the Stockton Sportsmenís Club either in person or writing at the next regular meeting of the Board within thirty (30) days of a curtailment, and a unanimous decision shall be reached. 

                        It shall be the responsibility of each committee Chairman or work party chairman to see that the names of working members and hours participated be turned in to the Evaluation Committee Chairman monthly.   

Section 5         There are four types of membership status:

(A)  Active Member: 

            a.       Attends at least six (6) meetings per year.

b.       Performs twenty (20) hours of work or service hours to the club, or holds committee chairmanship or is a Club officer during this twelve (12) month period. 

c.       May participate in Club votes and hold Club Offices. 

d.       Pays Club dues.

e.       Has full membership benefits including guest hunting privileges, participating in the annual Club hen hunt at Camanche Hills, hunting privileges at Camanche Hills through the Club.

A special category of active members shall be those who are unable to attend general meetings due to employment or other substantiated reasons, or must travel more than 50 miles to meetings.  Service hour requirements shall be 30 hours per year.  All other requirements for Active Membership shall be the same.

(B) Supporting Member: 

a.       Is not required to attend a minimum number of club meetings or perform service hours.

b.      May not participate in Club votes.  

c.       Pays Club dues.

d.      May attend Club social activities and but must pay any fees for those activities.

e.       May hunt pheasants but must pay the daily hunting fee set for the public. 

f.        No guest privileges.

(C)  Sustaining Member: 

a.   Annual membership fee of $450,

Requirements to attend meetings and perform service hours are waived.   

b.   Permits hunting pheasants and attendance at Club social activities. 

C.  May not hold office, vote, have guest hunting privileges, participate in the annual Club hen hunt at Camanche Hills, or have hunting privileges at Camanche Hills through the Club.

(D) Junior Membership:

a.       Any age under 18.

b.      Submits a membership application at their 1st Club meeting, along with certification showing completion of a Hunter Safety Course and passing the Hunter Safety Test.  The Membership Review Committee will evaluate the application on or before the second (2nd) meeting and if approved, the junior member shall be sworn in at the third (3rd) meeting. 

c.       Pays annual membership fee of $25. 

d.      Performs a minimum of 5 hours of service each year.

e.       Attends two general meetings or social activities each year.

f.        Has full privileges of an active member except for voting rights and Camanche Hills hunting privileges.  



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